Cat and dog flaps

If you have a cat/dog flap fitted do not leave anything valuable or any keys within fishing distance of them. I have seen some dog flaps large enough for a small person to crawl through!


A high percentage of people moving in to a new home do not replace the locks even though they are often unaware who had a set of keys previously. Do contractors, cleaners, previous owners or tenants have a key or a set of keys to your home? I also visit many customers that don’t have keys to use there own mortice locks and they rely on a Yale type night latch for security. If the door was forced or slipped open with a card by thieves and the mortice lock wasn’t locked at the time, the home insurance company may not pay your claim.

Sash Jammers

Sash jammers are a good additional security measure for UPVC windows and doors though are pretty useless unless securely fixed into the aluminium inner profile. Some UPVC doors and windows are purely hollow plastic and impossible to gain a solid fixing for sash jammers making them pretty useless as additional security.

A few tiny test holes will confirm what is inside the profile for fixing. Aluminium profile isn’t magnetic so cannot be determined in that way either.

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Advice: Patio doors

There have been a lot of burglaries through rear patio doors recently. Ensure no keys are left on view through doors and windows and remove any garden tools, ladders or any other obvious items that could be used to gain entry left out at the rear of your property. Windows within reach locked on vent open are also vulnerable entry points.

Advice: Do you have a problematic lock

Don’t leave a problematic lock until it fails completely causing a costly lock out. Simple door and frame alignment /adjustment can take pressure off the lock parts extending the life of the mechanism. It shouldn’t be necessary to force doors, keys or handles to lock/unlock the door.